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s k i n   c a r e
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natural skin care
Facial Cleansing Grains for Women
Gently scrub off dry, dead skin, blackheads and excess oils. Leaves skin clean, soft and refreshed.
Oatmeal, Bentonite clay, Almonds, Lavender, Roses.
2 oz.            $6.25
4 oz.            $9.25        

Fern Frolic Body & Bath Oil
Exotic, sexy and sweet, the smell of Fern is reminiscent of a fine cologne, Especially for the man.
Fern, Almond and Safflower Oils with Vitamin E.

4 oz.            $19.95

Gardenia Flower Body & Bath Oil
Heavenly scent of flower petals reminiscent of a meadow.
Gardenia flowers steeped in Olive and Safflower Oils with Vitamin E.

4 oz.            $19.95
Lavender Body & Bath Oil
Massage in the relaxing scent of Lavender flowers.
Oils of Lavender flowers, Almond and Olive Oils with Vitamin E.

4 oz.            $19.95

Absorb the scents of nature with these gentle oils for the face and body.

Use these special oils to nourish dry skin, scent a hot bath or enhance the sensuality of a loving massage.

All oils are consciously created from the base of organic ingredients and the finest, freshest plants.
Scented Silks
Imagine being able to capture the sensual essence of a plant, infuse it into a cream which your skin drinks down instantly like a gentle desert rain in springtime, leaving behind only the wonderful scent of the plants.

You have found Scented Silk, the all-natural experience
that no perfume or cologne can rival.

Aloe Vera Gel, Oils of Apricot, Avocado, Safflower and Wheat
Germ, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and Beeswax.
4 oz. Pump bottle     $22.95

Fern                     Gardenia               Rose
Jasmine             Lavender              Unscented

Sea Silks
A super moisturizer that penetrates with the healing power of the ocean. Made with seaweeds and no beeswax. Doesn't clog pores while softening the skin and erasing wrinkles. For petal soft skin with a hint of scent.

Turkish Towel seaweed, St. John's Wort oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Rose Otto, Vit E, Rose Hip oil, Grapeseed Extract.

Turkish Towel Seaweed, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil,
Vitamin E, Rose Hip oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Extract
2 oz.          $25.00

Facial Cleansing Grains for Men
Scrub off blackheads, excess oils and dried skin. Experience deep cleansing with the fresh scent of Balsam.
Oatmeal, Desert Sage, Balsam, Clay, Almonds.
2 oz.            $6.25
4 oz.            $9.25

Sun Oil
Nature’s sunscreen with no chemicals!  SPF 8.
St. John’s Wort Oil, Evening Primrose Oil.
2 oz.            $9.95
natural skin care
massage & body oils
Rose Body & Bath Oil
Indulge your senses with the scent of fresh picked
rose petals.
Fragrant roses infused in Almond and Safflower Oils with Vitamin E.

4 oz.            $19.95
Walk in beauty among the natural scents of the Earth
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