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Iridology is the science and art of analyzing reflex conditions in the iris corresponding to pathology in the body.

One of iridology’s greatest values is that of allowing detection of chemical and physiological changes in the body long before the appearance of the particular set of symptoms that would be classified and named a disease.

While iridology should not be used to diagnose disease, it can analyze the integrity of tissue, the health level and inherent weaknesses, the response of the client to their environment and treatment as well as the constitution, recuperative power and chemical imbalances in the body. It is a valuable clinical tool.

Classes are held in a small group setting which meets monthly for 12 months. Both sessions call for dedicated study and outside classroom experiences.

Session 1:  Beginning Iridology       
2½ hr class meets monthly               

Session 2:  Advanced Iridology         
2½ hr class meets monthly and clinical review              

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Iridology Training
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I offer a six-month herbal apprenticeship for those who have the intention and will to enter the Nia Cú and form
a partnership with nature.

As the centerpiece of the training, each apprentice works on their own healing by developing a deep relationship with a number of herbal allies.

Each month includes two days of teaching, harvesting and/or medicine-making in a small group setting. A third day is spent one-on-one with me for completely customized conversations and activities.

The graduate of this program can expect to acquire
basic skills of plants on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and utilize these skills in actual clinical practice. One will learn respectful harvesting techniques and medicine making. The apprentice will also have glimpsed how to participate in the Nia Cú, a foundation one can build on to deepen their relationship with plants. All of my graduates have experienced amazing life changes and inner growth.

Apprenticeships are $3000; sliding scale and work exchange arrangements are available.

Advanced Herbal Study is available by special arrangement.
Herbal Apprenticeship Program
I bring these classes together year-round with Weed Walks and Herbal Workshops.

I welcome the opportunity to conduct special workshops for all ages.

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