Directions from Nevada City / Grass Valley: Highway 49

Take Rt 49 into Auburn.
At the Frosty Freeze/Staples intersection turn left onto Highway 49 heading toward downtown. This is before the I-80 on ramp.

At the 4th stop light, Highway 49 turns left towards Cool and Georgetown.

Follow Highway 49 to Cool  and at the blinking light turn left onto Rt 193 to Georgetown.

In the town of Georgetown go straight thru the stop sign.

Go exactly 5 miles and look for Traverse Creek Road, on your left.

Turn left on Traverse Creek Road, check your odometer and go for 3.2 miles
Traverse Creek Road ends here at Bear Creek Road.

At the Y, turn right onto Bear Creek Road. There is an old farm house at this corner.
Bear Creek Road goes both ways.
Make sure you turn right.

Check your odometer.

At .9 miles the Bear Creek Picnic Area is on your right. This is the last place that has bathroom facilities.
There is a road sign that says rough road 6 miles ahead.

Go 20 feet past the picnic area and look for the tree with the letters BC painted on it.
Yes,  this is still Bear Creek Road.
Turn right onto the dirt road. Don't miss this turn. It is just past the picnic area.

Go .8 mile. I am the first building on the left.

Address is 6361 Bear Creek Road.

I don't have phone service there. So if you get lost, follow the directions well or try texting me at 530.333.1442.

Enjoy the drive. Its beautiful.